Ricky Carmichael Returns to Orlando, Final Race Location of Storied Supercross Career

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Orlando, Fla., (February 12, 2021) — Ricky Carmichael is considered by many to be the best dirt bike racer to ever imprint tire tracks in dirt; his sport has designated him as its G.O.A.T. And after five Monster Energy Supercross titles and 48 wins, he retired from professional Supercross racing in 2007 and went on to ARCA and NASCAR racing while also amassing 5 X Games medals.

Tomorrow, the 2021 Supercross series hosts Round seven inside Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Fla. Carmichael will be there, but he’ll be calling the race action and offering insights during the Saturday night broadcast; since 2019 he’s been the on-camera expert for the Monster Energy Supercross series from inside the broadcast booth. 2021 will mark the first time the Supercross series has returned to the Orlando venue since the legendary 2007 Orlando race… Ricky Carmichael’s Supercross swan song.

The battle that night in ’07 brought out what Carmichael has said was the best Supercross riding he’s ever done – the lack of ego in that statement rides in the fact that he didn’t win. Having won two races and finishing second in the four other races he contested that year, Orlando would be his final laps; he had no designs on another title.

The event pitted him against his two main career rivals: James Stewart and Chad Reed. Reed jumped into the early lead with Carmichael soon right behind and Stewart two spots back. Within two laps of the twenty lap Main Event, the three top racers had gapped the field. Four laps later it was down to two as Stewart gained and lost tenths of seconds on the retiring, defending champion dead ahead.

Carmichael didn’t need to win that night. He was competing only in select events for his final year of competition. He had nothing left to prove on a motorcycle. Equally, James Stewart had little to gain with a win over Carmichael. Three additional points over his title-rival Reed weren’t worth the risks he was taking. But, like Supercross racers do every time the starting gate drops, the two threw down. It was a brilliant wrap to a legend’s Supercross career.

And that legend is still a part of the sport, up in the booth where he’s showing another talent. For race fans in Orlando this weekend and next, tickets are available in a restricted-attendance, pod-style seating arrangement. For all other sports fans, the race this weekend is broadcast live on both the Peacock app and NBCSN. The race starts at 7:30 p.m. ET and there will surely be a highlight reel of the Greatest Of All Time’s last previous visit to this stadium.

One thought on “Ricky Carmichael Returns to Orlando, Final Race Location of Storied Supercross Career

  1. Ricky brought the sport to another level. Like Wayne Gretzky and Micheal Jordan, he lifted his fitness to a level where he could ride the motocycle flat out. For most civilians who have never rode a 450 machine on a track, the physical fitness required to do this is almost insurmountable. The arm pump, and the lactic acid build up are incredible to overcome when riding at speed and going over double jumps, triple jumps and the worst of course, the whoops. Anybody who has done this knows, it is gangbuster hard work. Supercross racers should be paid much more money for the risk they take.

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