Justice Calabro Takes Next Step in Pursuit of NASCAR Goals

CONCORD, N.C. (March 16, 2023) – 19-year-old driver Justice Calabro is making the next move in his racing career this weekend, after scoring a ride in the 602 Modified Series at Caraway Speedway.

Calabro will be driving for GrayCo Performance, owned by Carlos Gray, whom he met during his early morning workouts with Hunter Smith at Fitstop Performance. The team is keeping expectations realistic, while remaining optimistic they can find success at this level.

“Everything Justice has done has led to something greater,” explained his father Cliff Calabro, who happens to be a former guitarist for 80’s rock legend Brett Michaels and the producer of slick sizzle reels which highlight Justice’s racing skills and marketability.

In his first practice session at Caraway, Justice adapted quickly to the new car and driving style, getting up to speed in a few short sessions.

“I was expecting something good, but I wasn’t expecting it so quickly,” Gray said, with a surprised look of having just witnessed something very special.

The breakthrough to the Modified series comes relatively quickly for the California native, whose family moved to Concord, North Carolina in 2018 to be closer to racing’s epicenter.

“Moving to North Carolina has been an absolute culture shock for my parents and I, but it was the greatest decision we ever made,” Justice explained.

Regardless of this weekend’s results, the development plan for Justice continues to move at a steady pace. He’s slated to run 14 races at Caraway this season, while continuing to make inroads with sponsors and other industry insiders.

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