Bret Holmes & Ty Gibbs Question Finish of Daytona ARCA Race

The third and fourth place drivers had some comments following the conclusion of Saturday’s ARCA Menards Series race at Daytona. Not only about the officiating, but the teamwork that took place to finish the Lucas Oil 200 Driven by General Tire.

At the finish, the caution came out setting up overtime. Before the caution was displayed, the field was a single file line with five cars. Each driver was attempting to come up with a way to pass eventual race winner Corey Heim for the victory. None of the drivers really showed what they had and by that point, the caution was displayed jumbling up the field once again.

While under caution, the teams of Heim and Drew Dollar were discussing a move for Heim to take the top line and Dollar let the No. 20 down in front of him. Heim’s crew chief denoted that they would push them until the last lap. The discussed strategy was put in place and Heim dropped in front of the No. 15, receiving a heavy push to the lead and ultimately the victory.

Ty Gibbs, who finished fourth, had this to say about the finish following the race at Daytona with FOX Sports Kate Osborne,

“It’s just frustrating to come out here and run fourth,” said Gibbs. “When you thought you had a shot to win especially when you let your buddy in. I feel like if I did that, I wouldn’t even want to be out here letting people in to win the race and just completely give it away there. It’s just frustrating. The way this package is you can’t really push and you can’t really get to the bumper so. You’re not allowed to lock bumpers and they did. I guess I just need some teammates and some guys who don’t really want to win so I can win, that’s really all I’ve got to say.”

Defending ARCA Menards Series champion Bret Holmes finished third. He also spoke about the finish of the race and the way the teammates finished the race.

“It’s extremely tough there at the end with those two guys playing strategy and their teammates,” added Holmes. “They can really kind of decide the race for the rest of us and we did all we could there… I don’t know the rule on locking bumpers or not, I don’t, I haven’t read it black and white myself. If they did and its’ in the rules it is wrong and if they didn’t it’s fine. I’ll just have to go back and watch it.”

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