Nick Sanchez Earns Second Career Victory at Talladega

By Christian Koelle, Staff Writer

LINCOLN, Ala. – Nick Sanchez slid through a hole that was made when Corey Heim and Daniel Dye made contact. Sanchez slid through the hole just as the caution was displayed which ultimately ended the race with eight laps to go. ARCA declared the finish as TV time between the finish and the beginning of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race. 

Sanchez tallied the victory and was in the picture all day and just capitalized on the opportunity.

Munford, Alabama native Bret Holmes finished the race in second while Corey Heim, Thad Moffitt, and Gus Dean rounded out the top five.

The race was highlighted by a vicious crash that had Scott Melton, Richard Garvie, Eric Caudell, Brayton Laster, and Toni Breidinger. Breidinger lifted coming into the tri-oval with a push from Garvie. That push sent her into Laster and all-out chaos ensued. The accident resulted in multiple drivers making trips to the infield care center while Melton, who hit Caudell in the rear at full speed, was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Rajah Caruth had the lead at one point before the second-to-final caution came out. He settled for a sixth-place finish while Drew Dollar, Ryan Huff, Parker Chase, and Max Gutierrez rounded out the top-ten. 

Photo: Christian Koelle, Staff Photographer 

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