Kyle Busch Says He Is Ready To Be A #GirlDad

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

AUSTIN, Texas – As Kyle Busch sat in the media center, on Friday, at Circuit of the Americas fielding questions about the track, how his car might handle and what he expects during Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race there was just one question – based on a single tweet posted on March 16 – that brought a sincere response and a smile to his face.

Busch’s mood seemed to immediately change when asked about his “#GirlDad coming soon” tweet. It’s no secret the struggles with fertility and loss that Samantha and Kyle Busch have gone through in trying to have another child. In just a few weeks, they will add a baby girl to their family and make Brexton Busch a big brother.

“I am certainly looking forward to it, you know,” Busch said. “We’ve obviously gone through many struggles in our journey, Samantha and myself, to get this point, so it’s really cool to get the chance now to really see it through and get to that endpoint of being able to deliver a baby girl. So, that will be here in a few weeks and it’s going to be exciting times.”

Busch explained that his biggest concern is scheduling and organization but like all parents, the Buschs will figure it out, he joked, referring to his national touring schedule with NASCAR and the schedule put together for Brexton as he begins a racing journey of his own.

“Certainly, you, kind of, think your life is a little bit figured out and you’ve everything in order, you know, my schedule and Brexton’s schedule, and all over the country all of the time,” Busch said. “You know, now throw a baby girl into, what is that going to do? It is what it is and certainly, we are going to make the most of it and we are going to figure it out. I am certainly looking forward to that and hopefully being a good dad.”

According to Samantha’s Twitter account, she and Kyle have a name already picked out but they won’t make that name public for “a few more weeks” as they prepare to meet their baby girl for the first time. Sadly, some have taken exception to Samantha’s openness about their journey and attacked her on social media. Not to be discouraged, Samantha goes toe-to-toe with the haters. She is obviously winning the battle. Her passion has helped bring 51 babies into the world, so far, through their charity, the Bundle of Joy Foundation, which has provided more than $1 million in grants to families experiencing similar issues to what she and Kyle have gone through.

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