Six-year-old racer, Brexton Busch, signs sponsorship extension with SERVPRO for 2022

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

DAYTONA BEACH – While everyone else was focusing on media announcements and press conferences featuring the top drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series, shortly after his two-time NASCAR Champion dad, Kyle Busch, stepped off the podium, a press release was distributed declaring that SERVPRO and six-year-old Brexton Busch would extend their sponsor relationship through 2022.

“I’m really happy that SERVPRO is coming back to sponsor me again this year, and I’m going to do everything I can to continue winning for them,” Brexton Busch said.

Brexton, the 6-year-old son of Kyle Busch and wife Samantha, drove into victory lane nine times in 2021 at six different tracks in four states, in addition to winning the track championship in the Saturday Beginner Box Stock Division at Millbridge Speedway in North Carolina. Last week, while his dad was racing in California at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Brexton was winning on his own – with the help of his grandparents – at Hanging Rock Kartway back in South Carolina. It was the first time that he had raced without either his mom, Samantha Busch, or his dad in the pits with him.

Servpro main descriptor“I can’t say how much we’ve appreciated partnering with Brexton, Samantha and Kyle ­– the whole Busch family,” said Mike Stahl, SERVPRO’s chief marketing officer. “Brexton is the consummate winner and a fantastic brand ambassador for SERVPRO. We play to win, just like Brexton races to win.”

Brexton is the third generation of racers from the Busch family, following in the tire tracks of his grandfather, Tom Busch, his uncle, NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch and his dad, Kyle.

“It’s been really fun to work with him,” Kyle Busch said. “When we started, we went three laps down in an eight-lap heat race. It was painful. But he learned. He just wanted to go to the racetrack and make circles and it was so frustrating as a dad knowing that he could do this. I was like come on step on the gas, let’s go to just let him get his bearings, get his feet wet and feel it out and let him figure out what is happening. At five years old, I don’t even remember five years old and figure out making circles.”

Brexton has come a long way in a short time and is now looking at running more races a year than his dad does. Although they are shorter, but at six years old and juggling school, it makes for a busy schedule.

“We’ve got three races out in California when we are out there,” Busch said. “In Phoenix, we’ve got three races when we’re there. I’ve built out his schedule with like 80 shows this year, but we are not going to hit them all. I just put them on the calendar. I guarantee you that he runs 50-60 races this year at least. That’s going to be a lot for a six-year-old.”

The renewal comes a year after SERVPRO first came on board with Brexton Busch, which made him one of the youngest sponsored athletes in history. A month after that deal was done, Brexton rode on the track in a car seat transferred into the race seat as he went on to win his first cadent division race.

 “We are big fans of the whole Busch family,” Stahl said. “It was exciting to watch Kyle at The Clash in L.A., and we wish the family luck this week at Daytona.

“Hopefully, one day we will be cheering for Brexton at Daytona.”

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