Therabody Joins Chip Ganassi Racing as Official Recovery Partner

By: Zach Catanzareti, Staff Writer

Chip Ganassi Racing has announced that Therabody has joined the team as an official recovery partner across their NASCAR and NTT IndyCar Series crews.

Therabody is a global innovator in tech wellness, assisting crew members in physical recovery from race to race. Products like their Theragun, RecoveryAir and PowerDot are a few of their devices used to ease athlete’s pain, boost their performance and lower recovery time.

The partnership with CGR will see a logo placed on each crew member’s firesuit and will provide the team with access to Therabody’s industry-leading devices and training facilities, both at-track and off.

Shaun Peet, pit crew coach at CGR, is interested to see Therabody’s products be put to the test.

“Our pit crews are made up of elite athletes and this partnership is another way for our teams to continue getting better and performing at the highest level,” Peet said. “The demands put on our crews during a race are intense and it’s great to have a partner that will be collaborating with our team as we race, recover, and prepare for the next event.”

Ross Chastain, driver of the CGR No. 42 in the NASCAR Cup Series, knows that preparation of next week’s race starts at the very conclusion of the previous race.

“Physical training has become a vital part of my race day preparation,” Chastain said. “This partnership will help me and our team take that training to the next level by focusing on new techniques and highlighting the importance of proper recovery. I haven’t used any devices like Therabody’s previously to train or recover, and I was blown away by the technology after recently using them.”

Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Therabody, is excited to help CGR achieve the highest standard of physical wellness and recovery.

“Drivers endure hours-long races, going through the same movement patterns over and over, with emphasis on the left side of their bodies,” Wersland said. “Pit crew members, while they are not sitting in the driver’s seat, experience a similar lack of muscular symmetry. Incorporating corrective recovery techniques with Theragun, RecoveryAir, and PowerDot will help balance out their bodies so they can continue to perform at their best.

“We designed specific protocols to help the CGR drivers and crew get the most out of Therabody’s solutions, and maintain their overall wellness on and off the track.”

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