Brandonbilt News: American PetroLog Sponsors Brown for Charlotte Roval

By: Zach Catanzareti, Staff Writer

In the week following their first win in the NASCAR Xfinity Series last weekend at Talladega Superspeedway, Brandonbilt Motorsports is welcoming a new partner.

American PetroLog, a frontrunner in reliability and safe operations in the petrochemical industry, will be the primary sponsor of Brandon Brown’s No. 68 Chevrolet in Saturday’s Drive for the Cure 250 from the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval.

“This is huge for us,” Brown told Kickin’ The Tires. “Bringing in partnership is really what helps our team get the right equipment and have the right staff. Everything that it takes to streamline Brandonbilt Motorsports to Victory Lane.”

Jeff Colonna, President and CEO of American PetroLog, is excited to join Brandonbilt Motorsports, as his company makes their sponsorship debut in NASCAR.

“We are a team of logistics professionals with a chemical background,” he said. “We focus on streamlining their supply chains and delivering them a final product that is both safe and effective. We thrive on creating solutions for our customers.”

“[Working in NASCAR] is something we’ve always had our eyes on. Brandon and his team, what they do, really attracted us. It’s a family business, a small team. Brandon has a lot of upside like we saw last week.

“Through conversations with Brandon over the last few months, I really got the feeling that he was our guy. We feel our values align with the product that Brandon and his dad put on the track.”

Choosing Brandonbilt as their NASCAR partner, Colonna called the family-owned team ‘an American dream’ and a perfect organization to work with.

“We want to support a family-based business like Brandon’s and be a small part of helping him in his success,” he said. “We’re there for him. We’re focused on small businesses, we hire Veterans. We’re all about American, and what Brandon has built here really is the American dream.”

Hearing such high praise, Brown continues to believe that aligning values is crucial in building longstanding business relationships.

“To us, it’s always something exciting when we get to announce new partnerships,” Brown said. “We get to build relationships with people like Jeff and his team for supporting us. It’s always something we’re grateful for because they are helping our dream. In return, we hope to take them to Victory Lane and to also establish American PetroLog into the business side of NASCAR.

“When there is a strong synergy there, it really helps develop success because you can become passionate about the product and the business. That easily translates and you’ll see it when I talk about American PetroLog.

“When your goals align, success comes.”

Entering the Roval race weekend as the Xfinity Series’ newest race winner, Brown hopes to build off not only the victory, but his recent road course numbers. The No. 68 has finished 12th or better in four of the six road course races in 2021.

“The attitude is to take what we learned last year racing at the Roval in the torrential downpour,” he said. “Taking all the knowledge of that race and bringing it into this year’s race if we have rain.

“The real thing is making sure you stay mentally tough and stay in the fight no matter what. I hope to bring our No. 68 American PetroLog Chevrolet to Victory Lane and make it back-to-back in the series.”

Watch our full conversation with Brown and Colonna below. Also, find American PetroLog’s official website and LinkedIn profiles here:

American PetroLog LinkedIn

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