Justin Ashley and JCM Racing Announce Team Formation

By Briar Starr, NHRA Staff Writer

Current NHRA Top Fuel driver Justin Ashley and Team Owner Joe and Cathi Maynard have announced a team merger Saturday afternoon during the Route 66 Nationals weekend in Joliet, Illinois. 

Ashley, who entered the Top Fuel class in 2020, has owned his own team along with Dustin Davis and Jim Empler. However, with the merger of Joe and Cathi Maynard, the team will be called Maynard Ashley Racing effective immediately. 

While Ashley has been a championship contender during the past two seasons and a proven race winner, he and the Maynard Racing family had similar goals and desire to be successful together and have great results, not only on the track but also off the track. 

Ashley will continue to pilot the Phillips Connect Toyota and adds that merging the two teams will benefit both of them in the long-term future. 

“Combining JCM Racing with our existing organization is a beneficially strategic move for our Phillips Connect Toyota Top Fuel team,” Ashley said. “Our two organizations share the same vision for long-term and sustainable success.”

“We will focus on maintaining a great culture with the goal of winning on and off the track while providing world-class results for our sponsors, fans, and teammates. I am more excited today about this overall partnership than I have been since I started in the sport. It’s a blessing, and the fact that Joe, Cathi, and their team have decided to join forces with us I feel validates our team and all that we’ve been working for.”

As Ashley is excited about the future of the new partnership, the founder of JCM Racing, Joe Maynard also expresses the same emotion.

“Cathi and I are very pleased to bring our family’s passion for the sport and drive for excellence into the Maynard Ashley Racing partnership,” says Joe Maynard. “This relationship will provide greater opportunities for our JCM Racing team, our racing partners and sponsors, our Driver Development program, and veterans of all ages. Justin is a young and highly skilled driver/partner that represents all that is positive for Maynard Ashley Racing, Max Out Motorsports, and JCM Racing.”

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